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JAFX Is Now Live! A True ECN Broker I Definitely Trust

When it comes to forex brokers, there are a lot of them out there. What makes JAFX stand out is that they are one of the fastest true ECN brokers out there. What is a true ECN broker? Well, it pretty much means that they won’t rip you off! Here is what it really means: ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network is the next step for the Foreign Exchange Markets. ECN really means there are bridges connecting market participants, which are usually smaller, with its liquidity providers via a broker like JAFX. Let’s watch a short video of what advantage JAFX offers over other forex brokers:

The JAFX Advantage

If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z242B9Alm0k

Haven’t Yet Heard Of JAFX?

If you have not heard of JAFX yet, you soon will (you can read another review here). This ECN Forex broker has been in operation for just over a year, but it has already shown exceptional value for traders. Founded by John Anthony and his expert team, JAFX is designed to appeal to new and experienced traders alike. John Anthony has traditionally been known for his work with binary options, but he has transitioned to serve a wider audience. In his shift to Forex, he has created JAFX, and I am including my experience and thoughts about it below.

JAFX trade execution speed

Accounts Offered

In JAFX, users are able to use one of several types of accounts, namely the standard (ECN) or the managed (PAMM). By using the standard account you are able to perform manual trades at your discretion, whereas in the managed accounts you are essentially outsourcing trading decisions. The standard accounts have many benefits associated with them, including the absence of a dealing desk, no re-quotes, low latency and an average spread of 0.6. The main benefit of a managed account is being able to rely on a team of experts to manage your trading and help you turn a profit.
In terms of account minimums, the ECN account requires a $10 minimum deposit; for managed accounts the minimum will vary. At the time of this writing the lowest minimum for one of the managed options is $200. It is worth mentioning that this same account has posted a gain of 46.73% throughout its life-span. Signing up for an account is extremely easy. Aside from all pertinent basic information, you will be asked to submit documentation to verify your identity, which once submitted is reviewed and approved in short order. As long as everything is in order, you are able to move on to funding the account and start trading.

Another type of account is Islamic accounts, which are geared towards traders of faith and fully compliant with Sharia Law. If you are hesitant to receive or pay swaps because of religious beliefs, then the Islamic account may be just right for you. Any Forex trader signed up on this type of account will not be asked to pay interest on overnight trades or incur any swaps. As a consequence, you will be asked to pay administration fees for positions requiring payment for associated costs.

The Trading Platform

PAMM accounts

If you are a JAFX client using a managed or PAMM account, you will not need to access MT4 to review managed trading. However, those who are personally trading will need to access MT4 in one or several of its versions- mobile app, WebTrader or through PC download (please note Mac users are not able to download it just yet, but can still use the system). WebTrader is a browser-based version of MetaTrader and incredibly useful. By using the web-based version you are able to ignore the need to download and install MT4, which makes it very convenient. The app version is available for Android and iOS. For your convenience, demo accounts are available for use in all versions of the software.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

An important aspect of any trading or business venture is that of funding and making withdrawals from your account. I addressed minimum deposits above, but in terms of the method it is clear that JAFX is very flexible. To date, one can fund an account with Bitcoin, a wire transfer, credit or debit card or Skrill. If you are not located within the United States you will have to use Skrill to fund your account, which is associated with deposit fees. Skrill is not valid for citizens of the United States or Canada. Also, deposits made with credit and debit cards might incur additional fees. My recommendation is that you avoid deposit fees if you can so you can dedicate your funds to trading. To do this, simply select one of the fee-free deposit methods.
Withdrawals are a fairly simple process. JAFX is committed to reviewing each withdrawal request within 3 business days. For those making withdrawals via Skrill or Bitcoin, they should expect to see them become available immediately upon approval. Withdrawals made via card or via wire transfer will take a bit longer. In order to clarify any issues or answer any questions, the JAFX is available via phone, via email and via live chat, so you should not have any trouble reaching an expert to answer your query.

Becoming an Account Manager

Traders who can demonstrate a good and solid track record may be given the option of becoming an account manager. There is also an option for users to sign up for both an AM account and an affiliate account. There are more details to becoming an affiliate or an account manager, but I thought it important to keep in mind that these are options available for users. Those interested in finding out more should reach out to the experts at JAFX, who are available to answer these questions.

Customer Support

As I have already mentioned, there are several ways for contacting support staff, including via phone, email and live chat on the website. At this time, phone support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST from Monday to Friday via phone and live chat. Email support is available also Monday through Friday, for extended hours. Support staff is grouped by functionality, but all agents are able to point you to the correct person should they not have the answer to your question. JAFX is very easy to use, so you may never have to contact customer support, but it is good to know that they are staffed to assist you when you have a need.


JAFX provides a comprehensive broker platform for its users. It is stable and reliable, all while making it easy to fund an account, trade and withdraw your profits. It is flexible enough to allow traders optimum results, despite its young age. In the last year JAFX has become a favorite of many traders and gaining in popularity by the day. Even though we do recommend JAFX, we encourage everyone to form their own opinion based on their experience and by researching the platform. As was mentioned before, support staff is available to answer any questions you may have and the FAQ’s available can also help guide your decision to create a trading account via JAFX.

Live In The UK & Looking For Utility Customer Service Numbers?

If you live in they UK, you know it can be quite frustrating trying to find contact telephone numbers for utility companies. Some of these companies include:

  • NPower
  • Utilita
  • British Gas
  • EDF
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Southern Electric
  • And many more

However, you do not need to worry. Rather than grabbing your phone book, just visit www.energycustomerservice.co.uk. They will have the important phone numbers for all of the utility companies in the UK.

They make it easy to get in touch with customer service so that you can get on with your life.

List of utility companies

Just wanted to provide a quick post today that many help some of you. No need to be frustrated anymore if you are trying to contact your electric company or your gas provider. Don’t let them lock you into high rates. Always be sure to explore lower fixed rates or even variable rates. With winter quickly on it’s way, it is important to get on this now and lower your monthly energy bills.

NBA Player Jonathan Bender’s “Secret Codes” For Join Pain Relief

If you are a basketball fan or you suffer from joint pain, you have probably heard of the NBA player Jonathan Bender by now. During his teenage growth spurt, Bender grew six inches in only 16 weeks! This put some serious strain on his knees later on during his NBA career. In fact, it hurt him so much so that he had to quit playing basketball all together… for a while. He came back to the NBA full swing once he had cured his knee pain forever!

So how did he do it? After years of struggling with pain, having his knees drained by the best doctors many times, and nothing else working, how did he actually manage to permanently rid himself of this terrible joint pain? Compiling bits and pieces of things he had learned from the best doctors in the world and developing his own unique stretches, exercises, and recipes, Jonathan Bender developed The Joint Pain Relief Codes (watch it here).

Here’s a review of The Joint Pain Relief Codes:

An Inside Look At Bender’s Joint Pain Relief Secret Codes

Access The Joint Pain Relief Codes Discount

As you can see from this review video, it even works for lower back pain. No matter the cause of your joint pain, this program can help you get rid of the pain forever and naturally. Whether your joint pain is from:

  • Happy seniors jumping up and downAutoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Bursitis
  • Crystals in the joint: gout (especially found in the big toe) and CPPD arthritis (pseudogout)
  • Infections caused by a virus
  • Injury, such as a fracture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Septic arthritis (joint infection)
  • Tendinitis
  • Unusual exertion or overuse, including strains or sprains

It can help you. What’s great is that you can get the free bonuses as well. They are:

  • Easy Yoga For Full Body Healing
  • Meditation For Stress Relief

How Does It Work?

Depending on the severity of your joint pain, there are several methods included in the program that can help you. Some of these exercises and stretches you can do while sitting in a chair or even lying in bed. The key is to get the muscles in, around, or connected to the bones and/or cartilage to relax, stretched, and improve the blood flow. Cartilage itself does not contain any blood vessels and therefore takes a long time to be repaired as it does not get a fresh supply of nutrients through blood flow regularly. That is why it is so important to increase the blood flow to the muscles so that fresh nutrients and oxygen are constantly being delivered to the sight of the pain.

Stretching the kneesSpeaking of nutrients, the recipes that are included with the system are very simple to make and delicious. They help with the strengthening and flexibility of the muscles as well as repairing tendon, ligament, and cartilage damage.

So the system overall works through various stretches, massages, and exercises, but some are done in the bath tub where you can put a variety of things in there. Things like lavender and Aztec sea salt in the warm water help to really help with deep relaxation of the muscles and tendons as you do the simple stretches and massages. Don’t worry guys! Lavender is not sweet smelling and it is actually a component in many colognes leaving you smelling fresh but not flowery.

Also, you might be saying to yourself that it is going to take work and you don’t have time for it or just don’t feel like putting in the effort. Well, the truth is that it does require a commitment of putting in the time and effort. However, these stretches, massages, and exercises will leave you feeling so good that you’ll look forward to doing them! Also, they are all quite simple and won’t cause you pain. Many people believe you have to feel mild pain when you’re stretching, but this is simply not true! You should feel some slight tension in your muscles but not pain! Also, the stretching only takes 20 seconds. It takes 20 seconds of static stretching exercises for the muscle to become relaxed while it is being stretched.

The dynamic stretches are also quite simple. So all-in-all, these exercises are not difficult, don’t take much time, don’t cause you any more pain (but actually reverse pain and damage) and you plain have no excuses not to do them!

Want to see some example of these “secret codes”? Watch this video now!

Benefits Of living free of joint pain

Obviously you know most of the benefits of living pain free, but did you ever consider the other impacts it could have on the rest of your life? When you don’t have joint pain, you are able to move more easily. This means you will lose weight too! Just look at all of the people Jonathan has helped already. They have permanently gotten rid of their joint pain and most of these people have lost considerable amounts of weight. When people have joint pain, their movement is hindered. This leads to them putting on a lot of weight which in turn causes even more joint pain. Don’t let your joint pain get so bad that you will be restricted to a wheel chair for the rest of your life! If you are already in a wheel chair, don’t worry, you can still do the exercises in The Joint Pain Relief Codes!

Weight loss due to fixing joint pain

Testimonial of joint pain relief

Spread Of Bitcoin and Blockchain Across The Globe

If you know anything about Bitcoin and you make an effort to keep an eye on the industry, then you will have felt the rumblings resulting from Patrick Byrne’s decision to take an indefinite medical leave of absence from his company, Overstock.

If you have been working tirelessly to advance the concepts of Bitcoin and Blockchain across the globe, then you probably reacted to this news rather drastically.

Byrne’s medical leave wasn’t that surprising. The CEO has endured over a hundred surgeries in the few decades, this after fighting with cancer thirty years ago. The recurrence of Hepatitis C in 2015 only made matters worse.

Bitcoin Blockchain is a vast digital ledger that underpins Bitcoin and Overstock, Byrne’s company, was the first major retailer to permit the use of Bitcoin for transactions.

Additionally, Byrne has made an effort to advance the fortunes of Blockchain, creating an Overstock subsidiary that uses technologies related to blockchain to provide services that track the exchange of financial securities.


While professionals in the industry have reacted rather anxiously, Byrne was quick to refute claims that the health of Overstock would suffer as a result of his absence. If anything, he was remorseful that he wouldn’t be able to continue working with and promoting blockchain.

Role of Blockchain & Cryptographic Algorithms

The Blockchain, as it is known today, was crafted atop a network of machines (scattered across the globe) and purposed to utilize cryptographic algorithms in an effort to verify transactions and supervise the exchange of money.

Capable of overseeing the exchange of any and all elements that carry some value (this including bonds and futures), the algorithms that the Blockchain uses allow the entity to operate without oversight from any notable institution.

In other words, through Blockchain, financial systems can operate outside the control of governments and even banks. There is no need to appoint a formal gatekeeper that scrutinizes transactions to determine their validity, Blockchain providing a database that multiple entities with different economic and political agendas can share even in the absence of trust.

Byrne believes the Blockchain could make the financial system as it is known today obsolete. His company began working with the system roughly two years ago, quickly receiving permission from the SEC to begin offering public shares using blockchain.

Bitcoin Invades Wall Street

In pursuing this achievement, Overstock was able to issue shares without the involvement of Wall Street. Along with permitting other companies to IPO using this structure, Overstock believes that their blockchain could be used to contend with other assets.

Byrne’s Overstock subsidiary now has an independent service that provides oversight over stock loans. It’s difficult to deny the role Patrick Byrrrnnne has played in extending the reach of Bitcoin.

Sufficing to say, he has successfully injected his name into the history books as a figure whose work could drastically transform the financial field in the long run. Because of the successes of Overstock, various other organizations have begun working to implement similar technology.

This includes entities on Wall Street. Nasdaq OMX, for example, is working to build a Blockchain-based system that can manage stock in companies that are still private. A lot of the successes Byrne has achieved can be imputed to his ability to garner support from notable banks and technology companies.

Bitcoin Companies Across The Globe Advocate Hyperledger

Many of these companies, like Buy A Bitcoin in Australia, are now working to make Hyperledger, an open-source project that can build software capable of operating like the Blockchain, a reality. Even with all the work these banks and tech companies have done to give this innovation some life, they cannot deny the revolutionary contribution of Byrne in paving the way for them.

If Byrne has his way, his efforts could transform Wall Street completely. It is hardly surprising that major Wall Street names have stopped fighting the proliferation of Digital Currencies, instead turning over a new leaf and now working to bring this same changes to pass but on their terms, lest they get left behind.

Byrne’s efforts to change Wall Street are nothing new. With Blockchain, Byrne is merely extending his earlier works to a whole new scale.

Because of his work in the financial field, his leave of absence has created doubt in the minds of many players in the Bitcoin industry with regards to his company’s Blockchain ambitions. Byrne insists that Overstock will move forward with its grand plans even in his absence.

Whether the Blockchain ship can remain afloat without his direct involvement remains to be seen.

Her Yoga Secrets Reviewed – Is Even The Discount Worth It?

Yoga Burn system

Hey everyone! Sorry but this review is for the ladies only. Today we’re going to be discussing a brand new and exciting topic – yoga for weight loss. This new program has recently come to the market. It is called Her Yoga Secrets (or it is also sometimes referred to as Yoga Burn). Zoe Bray Cotton is the yoga instructor in the videos.

Alright! Let’s just jump right into the members area:

Her Yoga Secrets Phases Review:

Grab The Discount Here

What’s great about this product is that it is broken up into three phases. That is what the core of this program is all about. The course is dynamic. It progresses as you do. Why would you take the same yoga class over and over and expect different results?

The three phases are:

  1. Example exerciseThe Foundational Flow – learn the building blocks that make up all the yoga exercises while building long, lean muscle.
  2. The Transitional Flow – get into the weekly routine of combining the exercises you’ve learned into a smooth flow to burn calories and get your heart rate up.
  3. The Mastery Flow – combine everything you’ve learned over the past two months into a scorching hot yoga sequence that will melt off stubborn fat from those problem areas.

What’s especially great is that, aside from several hours of video, you can download the audio version of every video in every phase. This will allow you to put the audio on your music device (iPod, phone, etc) and you can listen to it while you’re doing the exercises. For example, lets say you want to do the exercises at the park but you don’t want to lug around your computer. Instead of downloading the videos, just put the audio on your music device and put in some ear buds. Yoga is about being free so this way you aren’t restricted in any way!

The Yoga Burn Sequence

Zoe Bray Cotton

It is important to note that the yoga burn program was developed to be followed in a very specific order. The course builds upon itself as you progress through the video modules. That is what makes this course unique and turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

Remember that the course isn’t just focused on burning fat and losing weight. It is all about shaping and toning those sexy parts of your body to give you that perfect hourglass shape. So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yogi. Be sure to follow the Yoga Burn phases and modules in the order they are presented. Don’t worry, the introduction video will explain everything and you’ll see just how simple it is.

The Bonuses

There are two bonus videos that are also included in the program. They are:

  1. Tranquility Flow – use this to de-stress or take a mental break. These exercises are relaxing and provide a way to release negative energy and build a more positive flow. Learn how yoga can relieve stress here.
  2. Tips & Tools – learn how to maximize each workout by doing them at the right times and using the right resources you have available at hand.


All in all, Her Yoga Secrets is packed with a wonderful amount of value. Zoe Bray Cotton is a great instructor with tons of experience. She’s very relaxing to listen to yet encouraging enough to have even the laziest ladies stay on board for the full workouts!

Don’t forget that you can Grab The Discount Here to ensure you get even more bang for your buck! This is one of the best courses I’ve bought online and it has been a tremendous help to me!


Anastasia Dunn

V2 Cigs Review Compared To Blu Corner Store E Cig

This video pretty much all sums it up as they review the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette that can be purchased online versus the Blu you buy at the corner store or gas station:

If you’re looking for the V2 discount coupon, you can find it here at this link: http://www.v2profit.com/15732.html

The V2 just has a much better flavor and vapor cloud than the Blu. It also has a better propylene glycol versus vegetable glycerin ratio that leads to a more enjoyable chest hit and throat hit. It literally feels and tastes like you’re smoking an actual cigarette.

Another benefit of buying electronic cigarettes online is that you can choose your nicotine levels. This will allow you to gradually step down if you are wanting to quit being addicted to nicotine all together. However, if you feel like you just want to vape for a while and enjoy that nicotine, vaping has not produced any scientific studies that concluded in any negative side effects… yet. All of the chemicals claimed in this study are not found in the V2 cigs while used normally. Buy “used normally”, we mean that you are not vaping at levels that are completely unbearable to humans.

Don’t fall for the false propaganda the media purveys as they are influenced by multi-billion-dollar tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. It isn’t just the media… it’s also the scientists propagating this B.S. that will land some up-and-coming scientist in a coveted scientific journal.

Profit Builder Review – Example Landing Page Created In Front Of Your Eyes

Hey hey guys! I’m Jeroen Waning guest posting here on 4 Hot Hands with some pretty shocking stuff on Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe.

I know reading this blog post probably wasn’t on your “To Do” list today, and you’re not in the mood to waste time…

However, I think you’ll definitely find this information quite worth it as it will save you a lot of time in the future AND a big headache.

Some of you may already know Sean Donahoe. I’ve been getting his emails for quite some time. Usually I just send ’em straight to trash because I am trying to stay focused on taking action. However, every now and then I will read one of his emails when I’m still waking up and drinking my coffee. Watching training videos, reading emails, and checking in on FB groups is how I kick start my brain in the mornings.

About five days ago (before this post), my brain kicked into high gear very quickly (which doesn’t happen often :P) when I landed on Sean Donahoe’s Profit Builder sales page. I’d seen some of his products before, like IMSC Rapid Mailer, Video Assassin… ahhh I can’t even remember all of them because there are so many.

Each time Sean Donahoe launched a product, they just seemed to get better and better. Then… when I checked out Profit Builder, it changed everything for me…

As an affiliate marketer trying to manage hundreds of sites, making high quality landing pages that converted well was the freakin’ bane of my existence. Managing so many little affiliate micro sites kind of sucks… and it forced me to become ADD even though I am terrible at multitasking. How the hell are you supposed to split test, track, revise, collect conversion data, etc on so many sites?

I guess I could hire someone… but when I found this plugin, I was super impressed because years of research and tens of thousands of SEO and conversion data went into making the landing page templates… This was the perfect solution for me because now I know when I make it a site… it’s going to convert well.

They say it will increase your conversions by 550%, but with my shitty, out-dated affiliate blogs, it did a hell of a lot more than that for me.

Let me just show you how I make a landing page in WordPress right before your eyes with Sean Donahoe’s plugin…

PB Tutorial: I build a landing page in minutes while I review Profit Builder:

Click Here For My Profit Builder Example Site

You can see from the example that my site now doesn’t totally suck…

Yeah, I agree… It still ain’t the prettiest site in the world, but that’s not the plugin’s fault LOL!

Imagine the potential with it though… Drag and drop design, 3D parallax scrolling, super cool animations for elements, high quality fonts and headlines, tons of cool customizable elements…

You get the gist… right?

Do you think you could make a better looking page? (Obviously a rhetorical question… :P)

What all can you make with Sean Donahoe’s WordPress Plugin?

  • Squeeze pages
  • Home pages
  • Webinar opt-in pages
  • “Thank you” pages
  • Download pages
  • Bonus giveaway pages
  • TeeSpring pages
  • Countdown pages
  • JV launch pages (super cool)
  • Membership sites (ultra super cool)
  • ClickBank style affiliate review pages
  • Amazon style affiliate review pages
  • Any freakin’ affiliate review pages (hell yeah…)
  • Domain sale pages
  • Video sales pages
  • Long-style sales letters (I need to start building my own damn products…)
  • Coming soon pages
  • SEO client marketing pages (make your self look like the SEO pro that you are)
  • …and… any other type of pages… (you get the idea… right?)

And… HAHA… there is even a page template named after Alex Becker (from Source Wave) called the “Rapid List Builder – Alex Becker Special”.

Anyways, the video above probably says it all, but if you want to actually start building professional landing pages and increase your conversions by at least 550%: 

Check Out “Profit Builder” here.

Check out our Source Phoenix review here (launching November 3rd).

Common Misconceptions Regarding Cellulite & How To Solve It Naturally

Women all over the world are plagued by that unsightly orange peel look on their trouble zones. Many refer to it as “cellulite”, which is actually just a term that came out of a European beauty spa a few decades ago and is not actually an official medical term. Usually it is referred to as adiposis adematosa by medical experts, but other medical terms are used to refer to it as well. Either way, “cellulite” is a lot easier to remember, and it is quite a cleverly conceived term to describe its appearance. However, the fact that cell-like fat deposits create that shadowy and dimply appearance leads many to falsely believe it is either a skin problem or can be remedied with weight loss procedures.

There are some simple truths about cellulite that need to be understood in order to start treating it effectively. It is simply untrue that cellulite is related to the metabolism (or weight gain) or that it is a dermatological problem (unsightly ripples in the dermis or subcutaneous layer of skin). Burning fat with diet and exercise will reduce the fat deposits beneath the skin but it will not eliminate the problem at hand. If cellulite was related to storing and burning fat then cellulite would be present everywhere the body stores fat, and this just simply is not the case.

Cellulite is caused by built-up tension in the connective tissues. These connective tissues link the layers of skin to fascia superficialis the reserve fat layer and muscles underneath. When these muscles do not get the proper and specific amount of exercise, the muscle fibers begin to weaken. This weakening in the muscle fibers leads to uneven tension in the connective tissues. This is what causes the bumpy, orange peel appearance.

Connective Tissues, Muscle Fibers & Fat Layer

There are many radical treatments out there that promise to eliminate it forever and make the skin look baby smooth again. They range from endermologie, body wrapping, lasers, liposuction, body contouring, radio frequency, ultrasound, etc to ridiculous and unproven diets. As a fair warning, stay away from this type of marketing hype that preys on the insecure and those with low self-esteem.

There is really only one natural way to gradually reduce, and eventually eliminate cellulite. It focuses on the root cause of the problem: the connective tissues and weakened muscle fibers.

In order to strengthen the muscle fibers beneath the skin in the major problem areas and even the tension in the connective tissues, a series of very specific yet very simple exercises are necessary. These exercises target the common problem areas, or trouble zones. The common trouble zones are generally the buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach, and legs. In some cases, cellulite forms in other areas, such as the around the triceps or lower back, but this is much more uncommon.

Men also have issues with cellulite in some cases, but it is much more rare. On the other hand, a high number of women suffer from this embarrassing condition that can be solved quite easily and completely naturally. However, it does take some work and a consistent effort. Not too worry though as the exercises required to restore harmony between the skin and subcutaneous muscle layers are quite non-intensive and do not take much time out of your day.

The important thing to remember about these exercises is that the purpose it to strengthen the muscle fibers and not to burn the fat. This means the exercise routines are very specific and target the areas of concern.

Example Exercises

An example exercise would be one that trains the buttocks and rear thighs. This is done by getting into the male pushup position (see image below), but instead of doing pushups, you lift back one leg and stretch it all the way out as far as you can. Keep your body straight like a plank. Pull the leg up but keep it straight as an arrow. Make sure you feel the gluteus maximus tighten and hold it until you feel a slight burning sensation. Do this repeatedly within your comfort level for both legs and repeat it on a daily basis.


If the aforementioned exercise is still a bit too difficult, there is still hope! You just have to start out slower and with an easier version. The same exercise can be done by starting in the female pushup position instead. This means you have your knees on the ground so less weight is loaded on the arms, and this should make it easier to maintain your balance. Now bring one of the legs up, keeping the knee bent at a comfortable level and lift as high as possible. Now start to point your foot farther away from your body as you gently straighten the leg. Repeat this exercise for both legs until you feel as if you have adequately trained the muscles.

As your body begins to get accustomed to these exercises, they will become easier, and you will be able to do them more frequently and more intensely. On average, most women are able to get rid of their cellulite in about 28 days. You should begin to see results much faster, however, and you should see a noticeable reduction after just two weeks of doing the exercises.

Some of the other problem areas require some more specific exercises, such as the stomach. Just doing regular crunches may not provide the predicted results, thus you can visit many sites for specific exercises and other myths and facts about cellulite. It is important to follow a regimen of typical exercises that strictly focus on eliminating cellulite by strengthening the particular muscle fibers that control the tension of the connective tissues. Of course, eating a healthy diet will also help to burn fat and reduce the tension on the connective tissues as well as these pockets of fat are reduced. Following a focused workout regimen and a sensible diet will generally yield the desired results.

Mesotherapy as an Alternative

Dr. Marion ShapiroMesotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to gradually dissolve fat through injections. This procedure is a great alternative to those who just cannot get rid of fat or cellulite by dieting and exercising. The Professional Board of Mesotherapy Atlanta has conducted numerous operations with a very high success rate.

Originally developed in France in 1952, it has become a popular method for dropping excess fat. However, it is not cheap. Since 1952, a lot of doctors have jumped on board including ones in South America and the U.S. Mesotherapy has such a high success rate that only about 5% of patients are non-responsive to it, says Dr. Marion Shapiro, who sees about 150 patients per week for this new fat-busting therapy.

Creating Mobile Websites To Get More Buyers

As we’ve discussed before (in a previous post here), the mobile revolution is already in full swing. This makes it extremely important to be on top of the crest of this wave of big business. If you are not focusing on creating mobile websites (by following an eMobile site building course), you can be losing out on your bottom line big time for your business.

It has been statistically proven that users are now almost six times more likely to engage with a business through their web-enabled mobile devices (like their smartphone, tablet, etc) than a traditional computer (laptop or desktop). This has been growing at a steady incline for the past few years, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Turning a regular website into a mobile website can literally take less than five minutes with the right plugin, but as you learn in this program it is also extremely simple to create them from scratch. On top of it being simple, it is also quick and doesn’t cost a dime if you are using the right system.

All in all, it means that you can use this to drive more buyer traffic to your business or someone else’s business and make a commission. If you do not have your own business or do not know how to get started, it is all covered in the program (discussed above).

Just remember, the way technology is constantly advancing, mobile devices will be becoming even more powerful and prevalent. If you’ve been thinking about using this medium for marketing, now is the time to get started.

Here’s more info for what it can do if you are a local marketer:

Click here to read more…

Our Tao of Badass Review Is Here!


 Josh Pellicer is a well-revered relationship coach

The Tao of Badass Review

But can his highly controversial Tao system really be as amazing as claimed? You’re probably here because you’ve seen the notorious goldfish video. The video by which many guys are intrigued and most women insulted. Can there truly exist these Jedi mind tricks to attract women like bees to honey?

It all seems very intriguing. The whole time I watched the video, I was impressed, amazed, and ready to pull the trigger towards the end. Before I did though, embarrassing thoughts of how I’d been a sucker for this type of hype flooded my mind.

I wanted to be a bit smarter this time and conduct an investigation. It was time I did some research before committing to another impulse buy. Since I’m a bit of a technology geek, I figured I might as well keep track of my experience here on this personal blog…

Heck, I’d also been burned so many times with the ladies, I’d gotten over the shame of it and started asking other dudes about their experiences… very subtly of course. I found out that almost 3/4 of them had had just a crappy time as me… Or at least they weren’t afraid to admit it either.

When I was finally directed to Josh Pellicer’s: The Tao of Badass – Free Download! by a buddy I work with, it completely changed the entire game for me… it leveled the playing field.

And… the more I looked into it, the more I realized… “this brick should have hit me in the face”… much earlier in my life!

So I figured… why not help guys out and share my full experience and the three devastating dating mistakes I’ll never forget in my life… and how I came back from them… a total badass!

Read my full review here 

Why Is He Ignoring Me? – 4 Reasons Your Boyfriend Could Be Ignoring You

You’d think some of the best dating advice for women would come from a man… Well, this is not always this case for several reasons.

However… today’s topic does also call for a man’s opinion (just not from your man), but we will look at it from both sides.

Here’s what experts are saying (video): watch it here.

Recently, we received a frantic email from a 28-year-old woman who’d been with her boyfriend for 10 weeks.

Her question seemed to be shared by many women in her age group, so we decided to answer it in an article here. She prefers to remain anonymous for very obvious reasons, but we’ll just call her Zoe.

Zoe wrote in and asked:

“Why Does He Ignore Me?”

Woman feeling ignored by her boyfriendFrom Zoe’s perspective, the relationship had been going great. They saw each other quite frequently during their 10-week relationship because they met each other early summer 2013 on vacation.

Yes, Zoe met him (we’ll call him Aaron) on her 5-day vacation, but they only lived about 25 miles apart from each other.

After about two months into their relationship (and having been back home from vacation for quite a while), Zoe started realizing that they weren’t seeing each other quite as much as before.

Aaron also started taking much longer to answer Zoe’s text messages. Zoe feared the spark between Aaron and her was fading, and she was left puzzled as to why he was ignoring her all of a sudden.

Now, before we get into the man’s point of view on why he’s ignoring her…

As always, we’ve consulted one of the web’s top dating advice websites (http://www.datingadvice.com/) and came across Sharyn Atkinson’s take on “Why is he ignoring me?”. It’s certainly a great read and you might be able to relate to her funny and informative story!

A Man’s Take On Why He’s Ignoring You…

  1. He’s talking to or seeing another woman – “Yeah, thanks captain obvious… Like I hadn’t thought of that one…”
    We understand that this is probably one of the first worries that comes to mind when your man starts ignoring you, but we had to cover it in our top four… and… we actually have some good news for you.
    Let’s take a look at a YouTube video from the Dating Advice Experts (mentioned above):
  2. He wants your attention – “But… he had it! Why would he start ignoring me?!”
    We understand that it might seem a bit confusing, but you need to ask yourself at what stage of the relationship you are in. It’s possible things are moving to slow for him. It doesn’t mean he’s bored with you. Actually, it could very well mean quite the opposite!
    He wants more from you. Maybe he’s been reading some of those dating advice for men courses where they teach him to stop chasing you and get you to chase him.
    Remember, we obviously can’t tell you that this is the case without knowing your exact scenario, but when you risk nothing, you gain nothing.
    Sometimes you have to go out on a limb to move things forward or get things back on track, but you should definitely do some research on reading a man’s signals.
    Please consider that not every guy is a relationship expert, and the harder they try, the more they mess things up sometimes, so please be reasonably tolerant and forgiving!
  3. He’s got issues – This might seem a bit crass, but think about this: a relationship is always a two-way street.
    Sometimes things just aren’t even remotely your fault and their is nothing you can do about it.
    Well… I guess there is always something you can do, but it’s all about what exactly it is and how willing you are to go above and beyond for him. Maybe he has a problem with drugs or alcohol, and he feels guilty about dragging you down into his spiral of doom and gloom. Yes, many functioning addicts are hard to tell apart from healthy people.
    Sometimes even a mother can’t tell, so don’t feel stupid or oblivious if something like this is the case. The best thing to do (if you have a slight inkling that this is the case) is to give him space.
    He’ll only let you know what’s going on when he’s ready, and only you can know whether you want to deal with it or not. Of course there are way too many other issues a man can have to list here, but just remember, sometimes the less you blame yourself for a relationship problem, the more he’ll start blaming himself.
  4. He doesn’t know you – “<(o_O)>…Whaaaat???”
    We understand you’ve most likely been dating/seeing him for sometime, but have you given him enough of an opportunity to get to know the real you?
    Initially, something about you got his attention and he became attracted to you. Attraction with a man usually happens in a time frame of seconds (whether they realize it or not).
    With women, it can take weeks or even longer… much longer. The next phase after attraction is building rapport. Are you taking too long to build rapport with him?

    There are millions of beautiful women in the world. Give the guy a reason to resist his natural temptation to go out and explore those other options. You can offer him things other women can’t.
    While you take a few days to give him some space (and avoid seeming too needy), think about yourself – not him. Figure out what makes you a badass in this world, and then… figure out the best way to show him!

There are many more reasons why a guy could be ignoring you – we just didn’t want to bore you with the obvious. We can’t give you specific answers if we don’t know your specific situation!

However, you may want to watch this video from experts to get down to the bottom of your exact situation.

Leave comments or questions below (anonymous or otherwise), and we’ll try to help you and help others learn from your story.

Million Dollar Insider App – Does It Really Work?

What would be the chances of someone spending millions on developing an app for binary options trading… and then just giving it away for free?

Forex InsiderThat’s exactly what this post is all about. Forex (or Foreign Exchange) is big business, and like any big business, it has been online for well over a decade and a half. You’d think some smart geeks hacking away at their computer in their basement would come up with something that can crunch some of this heavy data and predict what trades will make a profit… right?

This binary options trading software was designed to do exactly that. It takes advantage of something called “insider trading”. “But isn’t that illegal?”

There are ways to get away with it and rake in huge amounts of cash off of trading currencies on the financial markets on a daily basis. This is how many folks strike it rich every day… but don’t whip out your credit card just yet!

You’ll want to see the information here first:


Massage: Best Gift For Your Wife Or Girlfriend!

When you’ve been dating someone for a short while, a great way to earn some brownie points is to get her a massage. This will help relax her, and the whole time she is feeling good, she’ll be thinking of you!

If you find yourself frequently plagued by muscle pain, look for a book about trigger points, or consult with a massage therapist. Trigger points or tiny knots which happen in tight muscles. Trigger points can cause pain to other areas of the body. You can learn how to treat these painful points with massage therapist or reading books.

A massage can help you relieve stress and pains. If you experience lots of aches and pains, regular massages can help.

Keep your massage area free of loud noises.It is hard to relax if there is lots of noise or other loud sounds. If at all possible, pick a quieter room or different time when the noise isn’t so loud. This will lend itself to the relaxation levels.

You need to be sure that you eat something healthy in order to have a more pleasurable experience.

Check online reviews of local therapists. It’s important to read what others have to say before you literally place yourself in the hands of a mediocre massage. Look for reviews to ensure honesty.

You need to get rid of the germs that live on your feet to be spread all over your body. You can just wash your feet in the bathroom sink if no other option is available.

The objective of a Shiatsu massage is to help you feel better and give you more energy.

When you want to get a massage, try to establish a comfortable relationship with your masseuse. You can relax better when you trust and feel comfortable with your masseuse.Talk to the therapist before your massage so that you feel more comfortable about it.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of massages. Make sure to remember the tips and tricks that you’ve just read. Regardless of whether you are the patient or the therapist, these tips should help you out in the future.

Detox Dieting Tips For Men and Women

Last month we discussed a bit about the difference in weight loss for men and women. It really seems that men are from Mars and women are from Venus when it comes to what factors impact burning fat.

If men felt a bit left out, we now wanted to share with you a new resource of detox diet information called “Fat Loss Factor Review: Is It Safe and Effective?”.

Let’s take a look at an image courtesy of that website:

Image from aforementioned website

Dr. Livingston is also an expert in human physiology (just like John Barban), but currently Barban focuses more on that of women and the importance of the enzyme called Leptin.

Both focus heavily on the types of foods to eat and when to eat them. However, Dr. Livingston’s factor that leads to fat loss is more centered around detoxifying the body to re-balance the metabolism. This means it works just as well for men as it does for women.

Girlfriend Activation System: More Relationship Advice For Men

Many men suffer from setbacks of some type throughout relationships, but let’s take a look at how to get a girlfriend with the Girlfriend Activation System.

Check out: Girlfriend Activation System

The greatest difficulty is typically dating females that they are really keen on but predominantly the first approach. Most commonly it is this apprehension of contacting beautiful women which stops fellas from that stops men cold in their tracks. Will there ever be one particular tried and true approach that could help men in all of the facets of relationship challenges?

Check It Out On YouTube

The actual easiest way with regard to obtaining a sexy girlfriend will be to cure yourself of your approach anxiety. It might appear stressful, but most dudes go about this the wrong way (as you saw in the Girlfriend Activation System review video above or find in more detail here).

This really is a fallacy to think girls are primary attracted to men based on money, big muscles, attractiveness, et cetera.

The ladies are typically attracted to the men who really feel like they are able to have any gorgeous ladies they wish whenever (without trying to act cool). It isn’t really achieved by means of talking about that. They recognize anytime a guy is faking his self-confidence. A guy who is currently talking to a small group of ladies is definitely a guy who seems to be self confident rather than insecure.

When you find yourself actually talking to the girl you want, there are certain discreet manners you should utilize to your advantage. For example, whenever she is speaking to you, it is essential to focus your eyes on her lips. That transfers an exceptionally influential message to her emotional brain, and it will also unexpectedly persuade her to imagine having sex with you (see other signs of attraction).

There exist obviously numerous other facets whereby fellas may want to look to strengthen himself in the event that he needs to strengthen his options with respect to more beautiful girls. nearly all of these tips are undoubtedly created to assist most men when it comes to ongoing relationships.

Next: The Tao of Badass PDF Review

The Mobile Revolution: Make Money Online

The mobile revolution is here! Well… it’s been here for a few years now, but what exactly is it?

Ever since the capability of our mobile devices to tap into the world wide web, the whole world has changed! A lot of entrepreneurs are cashing in on this too. They are making money with mobile websites.

There are various ways you can make money with a website, and they are all very straightforward. However, affiliate marketing has to take the cake since the webmaster doesn’t really have to do much once he has successfully set up the site and is getting traffic.

They do not have to worry about any shipping, processing, inventory, customer service or anything else relevant to the post-purchase process. All the webmaster has to do is refer visitors to their affiliate link that takes the visitors to the vendor’s website where they then purchase the product and the affiliate makes a commission.

However, with the mobile revolution, making money with website has become even easier. Using the Mobile Money Code system (check it out), users can quickly set up mobile websites that make money with the use of affiliate marketing.

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Let’s Talk Women’s Physiology: It’s Time The Ladies Get The Edge!

Listen up guys! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing the relationship issues of men and how they can attract hotter women. We’ve also been discussing a lot of nerdy type stuff, if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, I think it’s about time we share some good information that women can use… Am I wrong ladies?

Are Women Really From Venus? - It's Time To Lose WeightI didn’t think so! That’s why I wanted to share with you something our great team has found with respect to how women can look better and lose weight faster: it’s called… the Venus Factor (visit www.thevenusfactorreview.org for more).

Alright ladies – Have you ever noticed how men can just lose weight so much faster than women? Guess what? It’s not your fault!

Unfortunately for girls, burning fat was not a gift we were provided throughout the glorious years of the evolution of mankind.

We can get into the whole deal with respect to gender roles and how men were designed as lean, mean hunters and women were more nurtures and stay-at-home-cook-and-clean caregivers.

This sounds a bit feminist, and I agree… but the truth is the truth when it comes to how the female body evolved versus the male body.

Men stayed learn because their livers were more efficient at getting rid of toxins and impurities that normally make your body store fat. This is because they were more active as hunters, but it also has to do with hormones.

Women were not blessed with the same fat-destroying enzymes and liver function of men, so their bodies store fat more easily. Back then, fat was not such a bad thing… it actually helped women during pregnancy and nursing.

Anyways, let’s fast forward back to today… because who cares about the past! It’s history!

Well… with the advent of technology and medical innovation, Dr John Barban has developed a system that allows women to burn fat just as easily as men. Remember, this is for women only! This does not apply to the physiology of men.

Sorry fellas!

Source: http://venusfactorreviewed.net/

Make The Right Moves To Win A Date

20040121It’s important to find out those things urges gorgeous women to end up being drawn to a man in general if you desire to succeed in regards to them. Frequently, fellas begin to develop rapport with women too early and consequently are rejected. Are there any standard approaches to knowing when you execute the correct moves?

In the course of the attraction phase, guys need to use really only frolicsome banter and /or small talk. A great deal of fellas who have been turned down first thing do not succeed in this case just because they continue to establish rapport prematurely with a lady.

It really is a misconception to think females tend to be primary keen on dudes for their looks, net worth, ripped body, or other superficial traits.

The ladies are often attracted to gentlemen which often know that they could attract any young lady they would like. This may not implemented simply by stating that you can. They can easily tell if a guy is pretending to be self-assured. A guy who may currently be speaking with several ladies or maybe even introducing himself to any big group of people is definitely a dude who seems to be confident as opposed to insecure. The ladies find solace around the security of a guy. They’re also drawn to guys that are already conversing with various other females.

If it turns out are going to be now romantically conversing with a female which you find worthy of your undivided attention, you will have to be aware of what the appropriate moment should be to go in for the kiss. Is there a way whereby you’ll be able to see the second that will be? Triangulation is the indication she should subconsciously provide you with to show you the girl desires the fact that you will kiss her. This takes place each time this woman is looking you in one eye, then the other, and then at your mouth area and continues this specific movement with a triangular manner. Every time she is doing so, remember to take advantage of it, and remember it’s about timing.

There are certainly obviously numerous other grounds whereby men will have to make sure to better himself in the event he wants to strengthen his odds with more beautiful females.

Check out our 10 Crazy Facts About Dating!

Stream Internet TV Online With Satellite Direct

free-movies-onlineHave you ever wanted to be able to just watch free TV online? Well, now you can with special software called Satellite Direct (details at https://www.rebelmouse.com/satellitedirectreview/).

Once you pay the initial $30 for the instant download from Satellite Direct Reviews: Is It Worth $29.95?, you then never again have to pay for essentially unlimited entertainment.

The best part besides that is there is no hardware to install, and you do not have to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and set everything up. It is literally a software program that can be downloaded and then viewing can begin instantaneously.

10 Crazy Facts About Dating

  1. One-third of all teenagers have encountered violence in one of their romantic relationships.
    Funny Dating Cartoon

    Looking for tips on what to say to her that really work?
    “What To Say” – Josh Pellicer’s Website

  2. Most commonly, breakups in a relationship occur on average between three to five months into the relationship.
  3. Week three every September is National Singles Week
  4. Three percent of men that engage in online dating are actually psychopaths! Don’t worry – only a tiny fraction of those are serial killers…
  5. Before a man even gets a chance to speak his first word to a woman, the woman has already made up 80% of her mind about him based on the man’s posture (standing, slouching, walking insecurely).
  6. Generally, a man knows he is in love after just the third date. On the other hand, a woman commonly reserves this emotional decision until after the fourteenth date.
  7. Studies have shown that women are attracted to men who wear blue. As a man, you may want to wear blue if you are indecisive about your apparel for the first date.
  8. A woman subconsciously wants to kiss a man when her eyes move from his eyes to his mouth in a triangular fashion repeatedly. Men: take advantage of this ASAP and don’t wait until it’s too late!
  9. During the attraction phase, you really only want to use playful banter and superficial humor. Men often make the mistake of building rapport to quickly by going into too much detail about themselves or asking boring questions.
  10. Forty percent of relationships that started at the couple’s mutual place of work has resulted in marriage.

Guitar To Get Chicks Comic

Get more from our The Tao of Badass review!

Mr. Bean Cartoon: Sad Girlfriend

Bet you didn’t know Mr. Bean even had a cartoon… did yah? Well… OK maybe some of you did, but I didn’t until now. This one is actually pretty funny.

I also didn’t know that he even had a girlfriend… especially one that another guy would be attracted to. Go figure…

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this animation about where Mr. Bean goes out on a hot date and completely messes it up.

I felt bad for the lady at first, but then she ended up running off with some other guy? That’s pretty much cheating in my book. She should have confronted Mr. Bean about it.

Maybe Mr. Bean should’ve used the Girlfriend Activation System.