10 Crazy Facts About Dating

  1. One-third of all teenagers have encountered violence in one of their romantic relationships.

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  2. Most commonly, breakups in a relationship occur on average between three to five months into the relationship.
  3. Week three every September is National Singles Week
  4. Three percent of men that engage in online dating are actually psychopaths! Don’t worry – only a tiny fraction of those are serial killers…
  5. Before a man even gets a chance to speak his first word to a woman, the woman has already made up 80% of her mind about him based on the man’s posture (standing, slouching, walking insecurely).
  6. Generally, a man knows he is in love after just the third date. On the other hand, a woman commonly reserves this emotional decision until after the fourteenth date.
  7. Studies have shown that women are attracted to men who wear blue. As a man, you may want to wear blue if you are indecisive about your apparel for the first date.
  8. A woman subconsciously wants to kiss a man when her eyes move from his eyes to his mouth in a triangular fashion repeatedly. Men: take advantage of this ASAP and don’t wait until it’s too late!
  9. During the attraction phase, you really only want to use playful banter and superficial humor. Men often make the mistake of building rapport to quickly by going into too much detail about themselves or asking boring questions.
  10. Forty percent of relationships that started at the couple’s mutual place of work has resulted in marriage.

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