V2 Cigs Review Compared To Blu Corner Store E Cig

This video pretty much all sums it up as they review the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette that can be purchased online versus the Blu you buy at the corner store or gas station:

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The V2 just has a much better flavor and vapor cloud than the Blu. It also has a better propylene glycol versus vegetable glycerin ratio that leads to a more enjoyable chest hit and throat hit. It literally feels and tastes like you’re smoking an actual cigarette.

Another benefit of buying electronic cigarettes online is that you can choose your nicotine levels. This will allow you to gradually step down if you are wanting to quit being addicted to nicotine all together. However, if you feel like you just want to vape for a while and enjoy that nicotine, vaping has not produced any scientific studies that concluded in any negative side effects… yet. All of the chemicals claimed in this study are not found in the V2 cigs while used normally. Buy “used normally”, we mean that you are not vaping at levels that are completely unbearable to humans.

Don’t fall for the false propaganda the media purveys as they are influenced by multi-billion-dollar tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. It isn’t just the media… it’s also the scientists propagating this B.S. that will land some up-and-coming scientist in a coveted scientific journal.