Stream Internet TV Online With Satellite Direct

free-movies-onlineHave you ever wanted to be able to just watch free TV online? Well, now you can with special software called Satellite Direct (details at

Once you pay the initial $30 for the instant download from Satellite Direct Reviews: Is It Worth $29.95?, you then never again have to pay for essentially unlimited entertainment.

The best part besides that is there is no hardware to install, and you do not have to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and set everything up. It is literally a software program that can be downloaded and then viewing can begin instantaneously.

Mr. Bean Cartoon: Sad Girlfriend

Bet you didn’t know Mr. Bean even had a cartoon… did yah? Well… OK maybe some of you did, but I didn’t until now. This one is actually pretty funny.

I also didn’t know that he even had a girlfriend… especially one that another guy would be attracted to. Go figure…

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this animation about where Mr. Bean goes out on a hot date and completely messes it up.

I felt bad for the lady at first, but then she ended up running off with some other guy? That’s pretty much cheating in my book. She should have confronted Mr. Bean about it.

Maybe Mr. Bean should’ve used the Girlfriend Activation System.