NBA Player Jonathan Bender’s “Secret Codes” For Join Pain Relief

If you are a basketball fan or you suffer from joint pain, you have probably heard of the NBA player Jonathan Bender by now. During his teenage growth spurt, Bender grew six¬†inches in only 16 weeks! This put some serious strain on his knees later on during his NBA career. In fact, it hurt him so much so that he had to quit playing basketball all together… for a while. He came back to the NBA full swing once he had cured his knee pain forever!

So how did he do it? After years of struggling with pain, having his knees drained by the best doctors many times, and nothing else working, how did he actually manage to permanently rid himself of this terrible joint pain? Compiling bits and pieces of things he had learned from the best doctors in the world and developing his own unique stretches, exercises, and recipes, Jonathan Bender developed The Joint Pain Relief Codes (watch it here).

Here’s a review of The Joint Pain Relief Codes:

An Inside Look At Bender’s Joint Pain Relief Secret Codes

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As you can see from this review video, it even works for lower back pain. No matter the cause of your joint pain, this program can help you get rid of the pain forever and naturally. Whether your joint pain is from:

  • Happy seniors jumping up and downAutoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Bursitis
  • Crystals in the joint: gout (especially found in the big toe) and CPPD arthritis (pseudogout)
  • Infections caused by a virus
  • Injury, such as a fracture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Septic arthritis (joint infection)
  • Tendinitis
  • Unusual exertion or overuse, including strains or sprains

It can help you. What’s great is that you can get the free bonuses as well. They are:

  • Easy Yoga For Full Body Healing
  • Meditation For Stress Relief

How Does It Work?

Depending on the severity of your joint pain, there are several methods included in the program that can help you. Some of these exercises and stretches you can do while sitting in a chair or even lying in bed. The key is to get the muscles in, around, or connected to the bones and/or cartilage to relax, stretched, and improve the blood flow. Cartilage itself does not contain any blood vessels and therefore takes a long time to be repaired as it does not get a fresh supply of nutrients through blood flow regularly. That is why it is so important to increase the blood flow to the muscles so that fresh nutrients and oxygen are constantly being delivered to the sight of the pain.

Stretching the kneesSpeaking of nutrients, the recipes that are included with the system are very simple to make and delicious. They help with the strengthening and flexibility of the muscles as well as repairing tendon, ligament, and cartilage damage.

So the system overall works through various stretches, massages, and exercises, but some are done in the bath tub where you can put a variety of things in there. Things like lavender and Aztec sea salt in the warm water help to really help with deep relaxation of the muscles and tendons as you do the simple stretches and massages. Don’t worry guys! Lavender is not sweet smelling and it is actually a component in many colognes leaving you smelling fresh but not flowery.

Also, you might be saying to yourself that it is going to take work and you don’t have time for it or just don’t feel like putting in the effort. Well, the truth is that it does require a commitment of putting in the time and effort. However, these stretches, massages, and exercises will leave you feeling so good that you’ll look forward to doing them! Also, they are all quite simple and won’t cause you pain. Many people believe you have to feel mild pain when you’re stretching, but this is simply not true! You should feel some slight tension in your muscles but not pain! Also, the stretching only takes 20 seconds. It takes 20 seconds of static stretching exercises for the muscle to become relaxed while it is being stretched.

The dynamic stretches are also quite simple. So all-in-all, these exercises are not difficult, don’t take much time, don’t cause you any more pain (but actually reverse pain and damage) and you plain have no excuses not to do them!

Want to see some example of these “secret codes”? Watch this video now!

Benefits Of living free of joint pain

Obviously you know most of the benefits of living pain free, but did you ever consider the other impacts it could have on the rest of your life? When you don’t have joint pain, you are able to move more easily. This means you will lose weight too! Just look at all of the people Jonathan has helped already. They have permanently gotten rid of their joint pain and most of these people have lost considerable amounts of weight. When people have joint pain, their movement is hindered. This leads to them putting on a lot of weight which in turn causes even more joint pain. Don’t let your joint pain get so bad that you will be restricted to a wheel chair for the rest of your life! If you are already in a wheel chair, don’t worry, you can still do the exercises in The Joint Pain Relief Codes!

Weight loss due to fixing joint pain

Testimonial of joint pain relief