Profit Builder Review – Example Landing Page Created In Front Of Your Eyes

Hey hey guys! I’m Jeroen Waning guest posting here on 4 Hot Hands with some pretty shocking stuff on Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe.

I know reading this blog post probably wasn’t on your “To Do” list today, and you’re not in the mood to waste time…

However, I think you’ll definitely find this information quite worth it as it will save you a lot of time in the future AND a big headache.

Some of you may already know Sean Donahoe. I’ve been getting his emails for quite some time. Usually I just send ’em straight to trash because I am trying to stay focused on taking action. However, every now and then I will read one of his emails when I’m still waking up and drinking my coffee. Watching training videos, reading emails, and checking in on FB groups is how I kick start my brain in the mornings.

About five days ago (before this post), my brain kicked into high gear very quickly (which doesn’t happen often :P) when I landed on Sean Donahoe’s Profit Builder sales page. I’d seen some of his products before, like IMSC Rapid Mailer, Video Assassin… ahhh I can’t even remember all of them because there are so many.

Each time Sean Donahoe launched a product, they just seemed to get better and better. Then… when I checked out Profit Builder, it changed everything for me…

As an affiliate marketer trying to manage hundreds of sites, making high quality landing pages that converted well was the freakin’ bane of my existence. Managing so many little affiliate micro sites kind of sucks… and it forced me to become ADD even though I am terrible at multitasking. How the hell are you supposed to split test, track, revise, collect conversion data, etc on so many sites?

I guess I could hire someone… but when I found this plugin, I was super impressed because years of research and tens of thousands of SEO and conversion data went into making the landing page templates… This was the perfect solution for me because now I know when I make it a site… it’s going to convert well.

They say it will increase your conversions by 550%, but with my shitty, out-dated affiliate blogs, it did a hell of a lot more than that for me.

Let me just show you how I make a landing page in WordPress right before your eyes with Sean Donahoe’s plugin…

PB Tutorial: I build a landing page in minutes while I review Profit Builder:

Click Here For My Profit Builder Example Site

You can see from the example that my site now doesn’t totally suck…

Yeah, I agree… It still ain’t the prettiest site in the world, but that’s not the plugin’s fault LOL!

Imagine the potential with it though… Drag and drop design, 3D parallax scrolling, super cool animations for elements, high quality fonts and headlines, tons of cool customizable elements…

You get the gist… right?

Do you think you could make a better looking page? (Obviously a rhetorical question… :P)

What all can you make with Sean Donahoe’s WordPress Plugin?

  • Squeeze pages
  • Home pages
  • Webinar opt-in pages
  • “Thank you” pages
  • Download pages
  • Bonus giveaway pages
  • TeeSpring pages
  • Countdown pages
  • JV launch pages (super cool)
  • Membership sites (ultra super cool)
  • ClickBank style affiliate review pages
  • Amazon style affiliate review pages
  • Any freakin’ affiliate review pages (hell yeah…)
  • Domain sale pages
  • Video sales pages
  • Long-style sales letters (I need to start building my own damn products…)
  • Coming soon pages
  • SEO client marketing pages (make your self look like the SEO pro that you are)
  • …and… any other type of pages… (you get the idea… right?)

And… HAHA… there is even a page template named after Alex Becker (from Source Wave) called the “Rapid List Builder – Alex Becker Special”.

Anyways, the video above probably says it all, but if you want to actually start building professional landing pages and increase your conversions by at least 550%: 

Check Out “Profit Builder” here.

Check out our Source Phoenix review here (launching November 3rd).

Creating Mobile Websites To Get More Buyers

As we’ve discussed before (in a previous post here), the mobile revolution is already in full swing. This makes it extremely important to be on top of the crest of this wave of big business. If you are not focusing on creating mobile websites (by following an eMobile site building course), you can be losing out on your bottom line big time for your business.

It has been statistically proven that users are now almost six times more likely to engage with a business through their web-enabled mobile devices (like their smartphone, tablet, etc) than a traditional computer (laptop or desktop). This has been growing at a steady incline for the past few years, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Turning a regular website into a mobile website can literally take less than five minutes with the right plugin, but as you learn in this program it is also extremely simple to create them from scratch. On top of it being simple, it is also quick and doesn’t cost a dime if you are using the right system.

All in all, it means that you can use this to drive more buyer traffic to your business or someone else’s business and make a commission. If you do not have your own business or do not know how to get started, it is all covered in the program (discussed above).

Just remember, the way technology is constantly advancing, mobile devices will be becoming even more powerful and prevalent. If you’ve been thinking about using this medium for marketing, now is the time to get started.

Here’s more info for what it can do if you are a local marketer:

Click here to read more…

The Mobile Revolution: Make Money Online

The mobile revolution is here! Well… it’s been here for a few years now, but what exactly is it?

Ever since the capability of our mobile devices to tap into the world wide web, the whole world has changed! A lot of entrepreneurs are cashing in on this too. They are making money with mobile websites.

There are various ways you can make money with a website, and they are all very straightforward. However, affiliate marketing has to take the cake since the webmaster doesn’t really have to do much once he has successfully set up the site and is getting traffic.

They do not have to worry about any shipping, processing, inventory, customer service or anything else relevant to the post-purchase process. All the webmaster has to do is refer visitors to their affiliate link that takes the visitors to the vendor’s website where they then purchase the product and the affiliate makes a commission.

However, with the mobile revolution, making money with website has become even easier. Using the Mobile Money Code system (check it out), users can quickly set up mobile websites that make money with the use of affiliate marketing.

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