Million Dollar Insider App – Does It Really Work?

What would be the chances of someone spending millions on developing an app for binary options trading… and then just giving it away for free?

Forex InsiderThat’s exactly what this post is all about. Forex (or Foreign Exchange) is big business, and like any big business, it has been online for well over a decade and a half. You’d think some smart geeks hacking away at their computer in their basement would come up with something that can crunch some of this heavy data and predict what trades will make a profit… right?

This binary options trading software was designed to do exactly that. It takes advantage of something called “insider trading”. “But isn’t that illegal?”

There are ways to get away with it and rake in huge amounts of cash off of trading currencies on the financial markets on a daily basis. This is how many folks strike it rich every day… but don’t whip out your credit card just yet!

You’ll want to see the information here first:

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