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Hey fellas, my name is Rick and my buddy had just recently come back from a juicy conversation with possibly the most attractive girl in the entire bar. It was trivia night (which gets super busy).

He came back to me with probably the biggest smile I’d ever seen from him, and before I could even ask… he said to me:

“Dude! That was probably the best attraction technique you’ve ever taught me, and… it was so easy.”

I tried to slap him on the shoulder but instead ended up knocking over a beer as he was off  again saying:

“I’ve got to try that again!”

What he had just dubbed as “the best attraction technique ever” is from The Desire System that I will reveal below.

Girl on phone looking surprised

Some of the reasons this trick is so effective is because:

  • • It is super easy
  • • The approach and opening method is very natural and innocent
  • • Even if she’s the closed-off type, it opens up her subconscious mind to suggestion and you advances.
  • • It also immediately gives you the Higher Status as soon as she begins to speak
  • • It usually works extremely well in almost any circumstance

The bookstore, the park, the gym, the bar, coffee shop, this technique works anywhere.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

What’s weird about it is that it actually came from a book about a dude that died a couple hundred years ago…

Before I reveal this trick to you, I need you to promise me two things:

  1. Be sure to actually use it! A lot of guys go online reading and watching videos about how to pick up women, but they never go out and try any of them. Maybe they had tried some of the lame techniques out there before and got burned, so now they’re apprehensive about trying new ones. Well don’t worry! This one actually works, and you’ll see why in just a sec.
  2. Don’t share this with anyone! I know you’re thinking, “Well, I could tell just one friend, right?” Before you know it, every guy around you will be using this trick, and it just won’t be as effective for the rest of us. Let’s keep it between us badasses?

Woman lusting after man

Alright! Let’s get into this Desire System technique on how to approach attractive women:

The next time you go to approach a girl. Try this! It doesn’t matter if you have never met her or if you’ve known her for years.

When you approach her, ask her for a small favor first. It can be any small favor like what time it is, where the bathroom is, etc.

Don’t start off by introducing yourself or asking her opinion on anything. Just ask for a small, simple favor first.

Attractive girl at coffee shopIt doesn’t matter what the favor is, but here are some other examples:

  • • Pass you a napkin, salt, ketchup, whatever
  • • Watch your jacket while you use the restroom
  • • Save your seat
  • • Etc

The only thing that matters is that she is doing something for you.

That’s really all there is to this technique. Super simple right?

Told you it was easy… it’s nothing scary or awkward or anything that requires any rehearsing.

So… let’s talk about WHY this works so damn well almost  every time.

Why It Works:

  • • She probably won’t say no. If she were to say no or ignore your simple request, it would make her look like a total bitch.
  • • It’s different and natural. She’s used to guys trying all kinds of things to pick her up. They use lame pickup lines or they’re obviously expecting something from her (validation, phone number, sex, etc). They just try to cover it up with polite conversation as if she’s not on to them. When using the favor technique, you’re showing real confidence and that you’re bolder than most guys who approach her. You’re telling her exactly what you want, and it may come as a surprise to her that it isn’t anything of a sexual nature.
  • • It makes her see you as having a high status. It makes her subconsciously acknowledge that you potentially have higher value than her because otherwise why would she have done the favor for you? It immediately coerces her to appraise your value properly.
  • • It’s a compliance test. Girls often use this same technique (without consciously being aware of it) to test guys. Girls have a subconscious filtering mechanism (due to ages of social evolution) to weed out men who aren’t confident. If a girl asks you to watch her purse or by you a drink, most guys comply right away. Men with real confidence aren’t so eager to “buy” a woman’s attention.

What Do You Do Afterwards?

  1.  Just say “thanks” and leave. If she’s attractive, she’ll be quite familiar with guys hitting on her and using all kinds of techniques. By leaving right away and not hitting on her, she’ll be left wondering… and you’ll be stuck in her head for a bit. Nothing wrong with that right? You’ll be able to go back and talk to her later because she’ll be interested in what you have to say and she’ll be much more open to your advances.
  2. See whether you can take this further and use these other techniques to escalate the situation: watch the video here to learn how to go from the approach to mastering the art of seduction and creating desire.

Review Conclusion:
4.6 stars

The Desire System

Rated 4.6/5

More From The PhD Behind The System

Below, you’ll find a podcast from Dr. David Tian. He’s the guy behind the foundation of the the Desire System. It’s really just an interview that touches on some basics when it comes to how to interact women. It won’t really give away any of the secrets that you’ll find inside the membership area when you purchase the course, but you’ll get a better idea of who he his:

Although the content of this video is nothing like what is inside the course really, one of his analogies did stand out to me. He is talking about what the best thing to do is for guys that are shy or get very nervous when talking to girls. It ties directly into his a=sh formula. A girl finds you attractive when you show strength and honesty.

So if you are a really shy guy and get very nervous when talking to beautiful women because you don’t know what to say, you can try this (better explained in the video):

Go up to her and tell her the truth. Be strong and honest. Say something like:

“Hey, I get quite nervous when I talk to beautiful women like yourself so I was just trying something out. I was going to see if going up to you and talking to you would help me overcome my insecurity.”

Whether you actually have the intention of taking this any further with her or not, you shouldn’t really focus on this now. All you want to do is start exercising your mind in this manner. Take small steps and increase your advances every time with each beautiful woman you run into. This is where the analogy lies:

When you see a skinny guy at the gym, who can obviously only curl 10 pounds, pick up a 30 pound weight in an attempt to cover up his weakness, everyone who sees him knows he’s faking it. He’ll have the complete wrong form when doing the curls and swing the dumbbell and his back in an awkward motion. He’s simply doing this to avoid people seeing the truth about him.

If, on the other hand, he just picked up the 10 pound dumbbell and started practicing with good form, not only will he see much better results, he’ll also get respect from everyone in the gym that sees him. Strength and honesty. That’s what makes you attractive to women.

Use your strengths with women but be honest about your weaknesses. Women will see right through any kind of deception a man uses to make himself look better than he really his. Their brains are hardwired to filter this out immediately (and men will never understand how they do this).

Now if you’re ready to take one of the most (if not THE most) important things in your life seriously, check out the Desire System here 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Desire System Review & Methods Exposed

  1. Does this product really works? Of course the womens wouldn’t take her clothes of, if you are just saying “Hello”. You must investigate in this techniques. But I have a much higher success rate, right?

    • Hey Atilla,

      Yes there is a system that will greatly increase your odds with any woman. That is what this system is all about 🙂

  2. I sent for the desire system on 28th of june ,2016. When will I get it ,can you tell me the tracking phone #, and # so I can find out when it will get to my address.?

    • Hi Vincent,

      It is a digital product so you have instant access. They will email you access and you should have received an access link directly after ordering it. If you cannot find it, please contact the owners on their website.

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