Why Is He Ignoring Me? – 4 Reasons Your Boyfriend Could Be Ignoring You

You’d think some of the best dating advice for women would come from a man… Well, this is not always this case for several reasons.

However… today’s topic does¬†also call for a man’s opinion (just not from your man), but we will look at it from both sides.

Here’s what experts are saying (video): watch it here.

Recently, we received a frantic email from a 28-year-old woman who’d been with her boyfriend for 10 weeks.

Her question seemed to be shared by many women in her age group, so we decided to answer it in an article here. She prefers to remain anonymous for very obvious reasons, but we’ll just call her Zoe.

Zoe wrote in and asked:

“Why Does He Ignore Me?”

Woman feeling ignored by her boyfriendFrom Zoe’s perspective, the relationship had been going great. They saw each other quite frequently during their 10-week relationship because they met each other early summer 2013 on vacation.

Yes, Zoe met him (we’ll call him Aaron) on her 5-day vacation, but they only lived about 25 miles apart from each other.

After about two months into their relationship (and having been back home from vacation for quite a while), Zoe started realizing that they weren’t seeing each other quite as much as before.

Aaron also started taking much longer to answer Zoe’s text messages. Zoe feared the spark between Aaron and her was fading, and she was left puzzled as to why he was ignoring her all of a sudden.

Now, before we get into the man’s point of view on why he’s ignoring her…

As always, we’ve consulted one of the web’s top dating advice websites (http://www.datingadvice.com/) and came across Sharyn Atkinson’s take on “Why is he ignoring me?”. It’s certainly a great read and you might be able to relate to her funny and informative story!

A Man’s Take On Why He’s Ignoring You…

  1. He’s talking to or seeing another woman¬†– “Yeah, thanks captain obvious… Like I hadn’t thought of that one…”
    We understand that this is probably one of the first worries that comes to mind when your man starts ignoring you, but we had to cover it in our top four… and… we actually have some good news for you.
    Let’s take a look at a YouTube video from the Dating Advice Experts (mentioned above):
  2. He wants your attention – “But… he had it! Why would he start ignoring me?!”
    We understand that it might seem a bit confusing, but you need to ask yourself at what stage of the relationship you are in. It’s possible things are moving to slow for him. It doesn’t mean he’s bored with you. Actually, it could very well mean quite the opposite!
    He wants more from you. Maybe he’s been reading some of those dating advice for men courses where they teach him to stop chasing you and get you to chase him.
    Remember, we obviously can’t tell you that this is the case without knowing your exact scenario, but when you risk nothing, you gain nothing.
    Sometimes you have to go out on a limb to move things forward or get things back on track, but you should definitely do some research on reading a man’s signals.
    Please consider that not every guy is a relationship expert, and the harder they try, the more they mess things up sometimes, so please be reasonably tolerant and forgiving!
  3. He’s got issues – This might seem a bit crass, but think about this: a relationship is always a two-way street.
    Sometimes things just aren’t even remotely your fault and their is nothing you can do about it.
    Well… I guess there is always something you can do, but it’s all about what exactly it is and how willing you are to go above and beyond for him. Maybe he has a problem with drugs or alcohol, and he feels guilty about dragging you down into his spiral of doom and gloom. Yes, many functioning addicts are hard to tell apart from healthy people.
    Sometimes even a mother can’t tell, so don’t feel stupid or oblivious if something like this is the case. The best thing to do (if you have a slight inkling that this is the case) is to give him space.
    He’ll only let you know what’s going on when he’s ready, and only you can know whether you want to deal with it or not. Of course there are way too many other issues a man can have to list here, but just remember, sometimes the less you blame yourself for a relationship problem, the more he’ll start blaming himself.
  4. He doesn’t know you – “<(o_O)>…Whaaaat???”
    We understand you’ve most likely been dating/seeing him for sometime, but have you given him enough of an opportunity to get to know the real you?
    Initially, something about you got his attention and he became attracted to you. Attraction with a man usually happens in a time frame of seconds (whether they realize it or not).
    With women, it can take weeks or even longer… much longer. The next phase after attraction is building rapport. Are you taking too long to build rapport with him?

    There are millions of beautiful women in the world. Give the guy a reason to resist his natural temptation to go out and explore those other options. You can offer him things other women can’t.
    While you take a few days to give him some space (and avoid seeming too needy), think about yourself – not him. Figure out what makes you a badass in this world, and then… figure out the best way to show him!

There are many more reasons why a guy could be ignoring you – we just didn’t want to bore you with the obvious. We can’t give you specific answers if we don’t know your specific situation!

However, you may want to watch this video from experts to get down to the bottom of your exact situation.

Leave comments or questions below (anonymous or otherwise), and we’ll try to help you and help others learn from your story.

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